This collection contains the theses and dissertations written by graduate students of the University of Missouri that have been digitized by MU Libraries. To see the full list of theses and dissertations available in MOspace from the University of Missouri--Columbia, visit the Graduate School community here.

Recent Submissions

  • John Horne Burns : Toward a Critical Biography 

    Bassett, Mark T. (Mark Travis) (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1985)
    The dissertation traces John Horne Burns's life and career as a novelist and English teacher, from his origins in Andover through his literary success with The Gallery (1947), Lucifer with a Book (1949), and A Cry of ...
  • The emerging Negro in advertising 

    Hasser, Charles J. (Charles John), 1940- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1966)
    This thesis studies the existence and use of African Americans in advertisements in the United States by examining the origin, growth, purpose, problems, and future of racial integration in advertising.
  • The chouteau formation of East Central Missouri 

    Connolly, Joseph P. (Joseph Peter), 1890-1947 (University of Missouri, 1915)
    This thesis describes the Chouteau limestone formations in East Central Missouri. It includes a map and photos as well as a discussion of economic implications.
  • Theodor Fontanes "Effi briest", eine studie im realismus 

    Saeger, Armin Louis (University of Missouri, 1915)
    This study of the German realist novel "Effi Briest" by Theodor Fontane, is an elaboration on the principles put forth in the book "Die Rolle des Erzählers in der Epik", or The Role of the Narrator in the Epic, by Dr. ...
  • A study in sentence structure 

    Searcy, Laura Anita (University of Missouri, 1915)
    The present study is a report of the results of the attempted correction of eighteen types of grammatical errors through the "incidental method" of teaching composition. This method as opposed to the "Formal Method" is ...
  • A study in the marketing of perishable fruit 

    Boles, A. P. (University of Missouri, 1915)
    The strawberry industry has been a large factor in the development of the Ozark region. Its success is dependent upon the proper solution of a great variety of problems which cannot be solved by the growers, the shipping ...
  • The structural quality of tone-color in Paradise lost 

    Lukens, Malta Clarrie (University of Missouri, 1915)
    This paper attempts to show to what extent the various manifestations of tone-color in Paradise Lost have compensated for the absence of rhyme. A chapter is devoted to the assimilative office of tone-color in the poem, ...
  • Some factors influencing the lipase content of the blood 

    Summers, William Shakespeare (University of Missouri, 1915)
    From the review of the literature of the lipase content of the blood it appears that no consistent series of determinations have been made through a period of time sufficient to learn under just what conditions the variation ...
  • Some correlation studies in maize 

    Neff, Clarence Earl (University of Missouri, 1915)
    The most common method of selecting seed corn has been for many years to pick the best ears from the crib, no consideration whatever being given to the stalks on which they were borne. Within the last few years, however, ...
  • The origin of the new monarchy : a study of Edward IV's reign 

    Bock, Pansy Higbee (University of Missouri, 1915)
    It is the purpose of this thesis to show that the so-called "New Monarchy", commonly ascribed to the Tudor period, had its beginnings when Edward IV - strong in hereditary rights, successful in battle, and relying for ...
  • The origin, growth, and characteristics of English medieval libraries 

    Wilkes, Eleanor Champion (University of Missouri, 1915)
    A narrative of libraries falls, as normally, into the four periods usually known as Oriental, Classical, Medieval, and Modern, as does a narrative of political events. There are certain distinguishing characteristics ...
  • The organization of the courts of Missouri 

    Gravely, Joseph Jackson (University of Missouri, 1915)
    This thesis details the history of the court organization of Missouri and offers conclusions about its problems. Perhaps the most important defect in the judicial system of the state has been lack of coordination. The ...
  • The most favorable temperatures for the cooking of some typical foods 

    Wallace, May (University of Missouri, 1915)
    A search through available published material on the subject of the cooking of foods reveals for the most part only recommendations of fairly wide ranges rather than definite limits of temperature for the cooking of specified ...
  • The inter-relations of the three schools of French poetry in the nineteenth century 

    Rose, Irvina Allen (University of Missouri, 1915)
    There have been three schools of poetry in France since the beginning of the nineteenth century. They are the Romantic, the Parnassian/and the Symbolistic. These are the schools which have made of their century in France, ...
  • The geography of Boone county : historical and economic geography 

    Knight, Martineau (University of Missouri, 1915)
    This thesis discusses the geographical concerns of Boone County including its location, agriculture, economic dependencies, transportation capabilities, and people. The authors attempts to show correlation between the ...
  • The fat and lipase content of the liver 

    Carter, John Meynard (University of Missouri, 1915)
    The object of this thesis is to ascertain if any broad correlation exists between the lipase content of an organ and its state of fat metabolism. The author has chosen the liver as an organ, with its lipase content and fat ...
  • English social drama of 1600 and 1900 

    Taylor, Jean Elsie, 1887- (University of Missouri, 1915)
    Social drama is that type of drama which has for its theme a problem touching the interests of society at large, or a great part of that society. It deals with social conditions and with problems involving the social ...
  • English bourgeois tragedy from 1576 to 1642 

    Bresnehen, Vivian Honora (University of Missouri, 1915)
    What is English bourgeois tragedy? What forces produced it, and what is its significance in the first great period of English drama? It is the purpose of this dissertation to answer these questions by a detailed study of ...
  • The development of railroads in Missouri to 1860 

    Templin, Lucinda de Leftwich (University of Missouri, 1915)
    Railroad construction in Missouri was undertaken by private companies who expected to finance the roads by subscriptions to the capital stock by individuals, towns and counties. Early in 1851 the people realized that the ...
  • A comparative study of the verse rhetoric of Layamon's Brut and Beowulf 

    Miller, Frances Howe (University of Missouri, 1915)
    This thesis compares Layamon's Brut with Beowulf to examine poetic inheritance and style. Previous studies emphasizing similarities of language and meter, without definite tests of verse rhetoric, may lead to the false ...

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