• La contamination de mots français passés en anglais 

    Imbert, Louis Ettiene (University of Missouri, 1907)
    Having noticed in various readings and French translations into English, there are many words in English, originating from French, whose meaning is very different in both languages. The author asks the cause of this and ...
  • The cyclic relations of the Chanson de Willame 

    Hamilton, Theodore Ely, 1869- (University of Missouri, 1911)
    Its object is to examine the Chanson de Willame and various related sources and to compare the latter, both with one another and with the Willmne. These comparisons will include many minor points of resemblance and difference, ...
  • The inter-relations of the three schools of French poetry in the nineteenth century 

    Rose, Irvina Allen (University of Missouri, 1915)
    There have been three schools of poetry in France since the beginning of the nineteenth century. They are the Romantic, the Parnassian/and the Symbolistic. These are the schools which have made of their century in France, ...
  • The old French diphthong ei : its development dialectally and in the literary language down to modern times 

    Jesse, Caroline Elizabeth (University of Missouri, 1909)
    The Old French diphthong �??i had two developments, (1) �??i > oi, (2) �??i > ei, (symbolic for ?�). On this basis I have divided the oral diphthong �??i (>oi) from �??i + a nasal, and �??i + 1 mouill??e (from which resulted ei).