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    Days of the dim: the postmodern poetics and hope of Anne Waldman [1]
    "The Dead, the dead, the dead" : encountering loss in Civil War poetry [1]
    Deadbeat dad: Victor Frankenstein as the failed father [1]
    Deaf identity, motherhood and transforming normalcy : an ethnographic challenge to disability studies' treatment of personal experience narratives [1]
    Death as freedom in 19th century women's literature : an escape from idleness [1]
    Death becomes her : modernism, femininity, and the erotics of death [1]
    The Death of Maternity : Decaying Female Bodies in Mary Shelley's Fiction [abstract] [1]
    Dee-jay drop that deadbeat : hip-hop's remix of fatherhood narratives [1]
    A deeper sense of truth : William T. Vollmann's Seven Dreams Series and experiencing history [1]
    Democracy and the failure of liberalism? : globalization and the reemergence of Orientalist essentialism in Hindutva's construction of fundamentalist Hindu identity [1]
    Depressed and disconnected : the symptoms of a digital age in America [1]
    Digital literacies and WAC/WID [1]
    The diminishing house [1]
    Discovering the District: A Look at the history of Downtown Columbia [1]
    Disruptive soldiers : literary responses to the standing army controversy (1688-1846) [1]
    The dissolution of character in late romantic British literature, 1816-1837 [1]
    Divine matrix (Editor's introduction) [1]
    Domestic tragedy between 1590 and 1642 [1]
    Domesticating the citizen : household authority, the merchant class family and the early modern stage [1]
    Domesticating the Empire : women writers and colonial discourse in late eighteenth-century British literature [1]