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    Lacan and the posthuman : prosthetic body in the works of Andy Warhol and David Cronenberg [1]
    A lacanian reply to Marx : the necessity of topology in the formation of the social [1]
    Language and living in alien cultures [1]
    Laughter and other lies [1]
    Lazy Susan [1]
    Leather yoghurt : suspicion of exotic food and the Chinese government's crisis of faith [1]
    Leavetakings [1]
    The Legend behind Zongzi [1]
    Let your conscience be your guide : or else Shakespeare and questions of the conscience in Richard, Duke of York and Richard III [1]
    Letting off steam : neo-imperial anxieties in postcolonial steampunk literature, aesthetics, and performance [1]
    Like a broken cinema film : rethinking Faulkner's filmic novels [1]
    Like dancers following each other's steps : an analysis of lexical cues in student writing for differing audiences [1]
    Linguistics peculiarities of contemporary feline narrative [1]
    The locomotive and the tree: industrial Pittsburgh's late nineteenth-century literary culture [1]
    The Logic of Recovery [abstract] [1]
    Look into My Eyes: Subalternity and Physicallity in Michael Ondaatje's Anil's Ghost [abstract] [1]
    Lord Byron's critique of despotism and militarism in the Russian Cantos of Don Juan [1]
    Losing sight of literature: the commodity of book packaging [1]
    Loudly Lydia: a look at the modern Lydia Bennet in “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries,” and what she implies about Austen in contemporary social debates [1]
    Love, loss and what I wrote: an ethnographic study of personal writing in a textile and apparel management course [1]