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Recent Submissions

  • Klamm’s Microbiology Laboratory Manual 

    Klamm, Loretta Sanderson (University of Missouri -- Kansas City, 2019)
    This laboratory manual was developed for a microbiology laboratory course designed to give students in the health care professions basic knowledge and skills of the techniques used to study microbes. The course is taken ...
  • FunnyBase: a systems level functional annotation of FundulusESTs for the analysis of gene expression 

    Paschall, Justin E; Oleksiak, Marjorie F; VanWye, Jeffrey D; Roach, Jennifer L; Whitehead, J Andrew; Wyckoff, Gerald J; Kolell, Kevin J; Crawford, Douglas L (2004-12-20)
    Abstract Background While studies of non-model organisms are critical for many research areas, such as evolution, development, and ...
  • TILLING to detect induced mutations in soybean 

    Cooper, Jennifer L; Till, Bradley J; Laport, Robert G; Darlow, Margaret C; Kleffner, Justin M; Jamai, Aziz; El-Mellouki, Tarik; Liu, Shiming; Ritchie, Rae; Nielsen, Niels; Bilyeu, Kristin D; Meksem, Khalid; Comai, Luca; Henikoff, Steven (2008-01-24)
    Abstract Background Soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) is an important nitrogen-fixing crop that provides much of the world's protein ...