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    Facilitating large data sharing in collaborative environment using Dropoff [1]
    Faking it: the seduction of surface [1]
    Fall detection system using low cost computing and online communication [1]
    Farewell to shadowlands: for wind ensemble [1]
    Father absence, paternal investment, and alloparental investment effects on children's educational attainment in rural Bangladesh [1]
    Fetal exposure to low but not high doses of Bisphenol A (BPA) increases abdominal fat, impairs glucose tolerance and alters serum hormones in male mice: evidence for non-monotonic dose-response relationships [1]
    Fiber-based absorbent configuration in evaporative cooling [1]
    Forest fire risk modeling of the Mark Twain National Forest [1]
    Fractured Folk: Surfing for Folklore Frameworks in the Face of Science, Cyber-Anxieties and the Techno-Apocalypse [1]
    Framing in community newspapers' coverage of local elections [1]
    Garden music [1]
    GBIR crosstalk reduction of fully polarimetric data from Blue Springs Dam [1]
    Geometric image segmentation via transform invariant rank cuts [1]
    GGTA-1 targeting efficiency with a xenograft transgene [1]
    Grazing lawns across Africa: a case study comparison between Kruger National Park and Serengati [sic] National Park [1]
    A green residential wish list: most important features according to homeowners [1]
    Ground based interferometric radar initial look at Longview, Blue Springs, Tuttle Creek, and Milford Dams [1]
    Harrison Bergeron: a multimedia extravaganza [1]
    Heroic painting and its contemporary interpretation [1]
    High strain rate behavior of graphene reinforced polyurethane composites [1]