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    Land use effects on greenhouse gas production in lower Missouri River floodplain soils
    Landmine classification using possibilistic K-nearest neighbors with wideband electromagnetic induction data
    Late-stage Laramide reactivation of Precambrian structures: evidence for ~N-S Laramide shortening along the southeastern margin of the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming
    Long-distance dating relationships among college students: the benefits and drawbacks of using technology
    Macroinvertebrate assemblage composition along a longitudinal multiple-land-use gradient in a midwestern stream
    Measurement of fatty acids in toenail clippings using GC-MS
    Measuring the relationship between individual and cultural traits (ICT) and safety perceptions in manufacturing: development of a conceptual model
    The mechanism of C-type natriuretic peptide production in dogs and its use as a prognostic indicator in critically ill dogs
    Mechanism-based inhibition of matrix metalloproteinase-9 provides neuroprotection in a mouse model of traumatic brain injury
    Mechanisms of salivary gland cell proliferation in vitro by P2Y2R activation
    Media assistance M&E and democratization measurement characteristics in USAID program reporting documents
    Media coverage of the adoption of electronic health records: a content analysis of local and national print newspapers and press releases
    The metics and their social position: foreign residents in Athens during the Classical period
    Microfabrication and modeling of a tool for thermodynamic characterization of micro-samples
    Mitigation of effects from heat stress by Artemisia species
    Mobile phones and market participation among smallholder farmers in the Bolivian altiplano
    Modeling and evaluation of EML rail cooling methods through finite element analysis
    Modeling wetland connectivity and vulnerability to wetland-corridor loss
    Molecular epidemiology of tick-borne Anaplasmataceae among client-owned dogs in Missouri
    Monitoring coral bleaching by satellite thermal products: a case study in the southern South China Sea