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    Parenteral fish oil effects on plasma non-esterified fatty acids and systemic cytokine concentrations in dogs immediately following ovariohysterectomy [1]
    People re-identification in a camera network [1]
    Permeability, clay mineralogy, and microfabric of fine-grained sediments from the Nankai Trough and Shikoku Basin, offshore southwest Japan [1]
    Photoconductive switching using wideband semiconductor materials [1]
    Physical implications of characteristic speeds and waveforms of rails on elastic foundations [1]
    PIN photodiode controlled class E microwave power amplifier [1]
    'Place to work' index: a study of workplace attributes [1]
    Point, set, match: examining the impact of athlete endorser familiarity and endorser/product congruency on consumer attitudes, purchase intentions, and percieved [sic] endorser credibility [1]
    The portrayal and frequency of religion in secular rap music [1]
    Positive affect, intuitive processing, and visual encoding [1]
    Post-common practice era music theory pedagogy [1]
    The practice of piety and virtual pilgrimage at St. Katherine's Convent in Augsburg [1]
    Precast prestressed bridge approach slab: cost effective designs [1]
    Priming the reflexive canvas of the mind in a them/us reality a study of priming ethnic stereotypes in the news: responses to female Arab and Israeli prototypes [1]
    Prioritization of hospital orders considering cancellation probabilities [1]
    Processing and properties of amaranth cake [1]
    Protein structural models selection using 4-mer sequence and combined single and consensus scores [1]
    Providing multi-token based protection against cross site request forgery [1]
    Public relations among Christian, multi-national, non-profit organizations in Europe [1]
    Quantifying stream bank erosion and deposition rates in a central U.S. urban watershed [1]