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    Sacrifice for nostalgia: the American small-town and the grotesque [1]
    Sanctioning smarter?: the impact of smart sanctions on democracy and human rights [1]
    Satisfaction and journalism: a study of newsroom happiness and its implications in print design [1]
    Securing peace: Henry M. Jackson and U.S.-Soviet relations [1]
    Self-perceptions of leadership held by upper classmen in two Missouri FFA chapters: a collective case study [1]
    Sensor network for early illness detection in the elderly [1]
    Signal generation for ultra-wideband short-range radar system [1]
    Simplified analysis to predict the behavior of RC beams under collapse [1]
    Simulation of fuel system with features for controlling air bubble generated for aircraft application [1]
    Simultaneous electrophoretic deposition of copper oxide/aluminum nanothermite films [1]
    Social Availability of Woody Biomass for Renewable Energy: Missouri Non-Industrial Private Forest Landowners Perspective [1]
    Soil property estimation using visible and near-infrared reflectance [1]
    Soil solution chemistry and nutrient flux in Ozark Highland forest soils [1]
    Some things never change: myth and structure in Pulitzer Prize feature stories, 1997-2012 [1]
    Source credibility and the persuasiveness of public saftey messages communicated via social media [1]
    Soybean emergence, growth, and development following corn stover removal [1]
    "The sphinx of the nineteenth century": Helena Blavatsky's syncretism in Britain, 1887-1891 [1]
    A starting point for identifying perpetrator genocidal messaging [1]
    Strategic English: linguistic framing as strategic communication in the EU political arena [1]
    Structural interactions sites of matrix metalloproteinase-12 with collagen triple helix, micelles, and a natural product from green tea [1]