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    Social availability of woody biomass for renewable energy : Missouri non-industrial private forest landowners perspective
    Soil property estimation using visible and near-infrared reflectance
    Soil solution chemistry and nutrient flux in Ozark Highland forest soils
    Some things never change: myth and structure in Pulitzer Prize feature stories, 1997-2012
    Source credibility and the persuasiveness of public saftey messages communicated via social media
    Soybean emergence, growth, and development following corn stover removal
    A starting point for identifying perpetrator genocidal messaging
    Structural interactions sites of matrix metalloproteinase-12 with collagen triple helix, micelles, and a natural product from green tea
    Surface waters most likely impacted by hormones from land-applied CAFO wastes in Missouri
    Survival, habitat use, and movement of resident and translocated greater prairie-chickens
    Tan A: a fluorogenic probe for thiaminase I activity
    Taxonomic composition and distribution of saucer bugs (Heteroptera: Nepomorpha: Naucoridae) of Tanzania
    Theory and development of a camera-based noncontact vibration measurement system
    Three of a kind: how young adults engage with print, online and mobile platforms
    Topological organization of the trigeminal system in the lamprey and restoration following axonal regeneration
    Understanding federal preeminence in disaster management: a punctuated equilibrium approach
    Unraveling the fluid-present metamorphism of schists from garnet compositions in the Black Hills, South Dakota
    Unstructured road detection in color imagery for the purpose of the automatic detection of explosive devices
    "Until God shall visit the Earth": the role of covenant theology in the Qumran movement
    The use of a food based social network site in culinary education