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    Examining the comorbidity of boderline personality disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder in a community sample
    Exploring the professional value systems of converged journalists : what are their values, and does the medium matter?
    Exploring the relationship between changes in bone mineral density, lean body mass, and hormones in active, adult males with osteopenia after a 12-month exercise intervention
    Facilitating large data sharing in collaborative environment using Dropoff
    Faking it : the seduction of surface
    Farewell to shadowlands : for wind ensemble
    Father absence, paternal investment, and alloparental investment effects on children's educational attainment in rural Bangladesh
    Framing in community newspapers' coverage of local elections
    Garden music
    GBIR crosstalk reduction of fully polarimetric data from Blue Springs Dam
    Geometric image segmentation via transform invariant rank cuts
    GGTA-1 targeting efficiency with a xenograft transgene
    Grazing lawns across Africa : a case study comparison between Kruger National Park and Serengati [sic] National Park
    Ground based interferometric radar initial look at Longview, Blue Springs, Tuttle Creek, and Milford Dams
    Heroic painting and its contemporary interpretation
    How has Twitter changed how journalists report on sports? : the 2012 Missouri Grand Prix
    Humanitarian frames and humanitarian soft power in Darfur : advocacy frames in a humanitarian crisis
    Hydraulic efficiency of a hydrostatic transmission with a variable displacement pump and motor
    Hydro-mechanical analysis of low enriched uranium fuel plates for University of Missouri Research Reactor
    Hydrology of the Forest City Basin, mid-continent, USA : implications for CO2 sequestration in the St. Peter sandstone