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    Influence of conditioned compensatory response on drinking and driving decision making
    Influence of herbicide programs, weed height, and glufosinate and 2,4-D combinations on weed management in soybean resistant to 2,4-D
    Influence of herbicides application on weed and tall fescue management and grazing distribution in Missouri pastures
    The influence of St. Louis 1904 World's Fair on Japonisme that appeared in periodicals
    Influences of combinatorially selected peptides on inhibition of Gibberella zeae spore germination and cytological modification of emerging germ-tubes
    Insights into the first three diverging diamond interchanges in Missouri
    Interactive web-based track editing and management
    Investigation and optimization of a high voltage piezoelectric particle accelerator
    Investigation of the kinetcis [sic] and mechanisms of the inactivation of PTP-SHP2 peroxycarbonate and phytochemicals
    "It is Deirdre you mourn for": the third-person narration of Deirdre McCloskey's Crossing: a memoir
    It's about time: temporality in magazine feature stories
    Japanese parents' perceptions about children's medical play
    Juniper expansion in a prairie-forest transition region
    Land use effects on greenhouse gas production in lower Missouri River floodplain soils
    Late-stage Laramide reactivation of Precambrian structures: evidence for ~N-S Laramide shortening along the southeastern margin of the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming
    Long-distance dating relationships among college students: the benefits and drawbacks of using technology
    Macroinvertebrate assemblage composition along a longitudinal multiple-land-use gradient in a midwestern stream
    Measurement of fatty acids in toenail clippings using GC-MS
    Measuring the relationship between individual and cultural traits (ICT) and safety perceptions in manufacturing: development of a conceptual model
    The mechanism of C-type natriuretic peptide production in dogs and its use as a prognostic indicator in critically ill dogs