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    The design & construction of a proton microprobe using a GE PETtrace cyclotron
    Design and analysis of a metamaterial with high refractive index at dual band frequencies
    Design and Experimental Study of a Dual Vircator Microwave Source
    Design and testing of helical antennas for a RF test facility
    Designing a holistic prototype and evaluating the requirements of long-term care electronic health record
    Designing a LANDIS PRO harvest module and examining the effects of temporal resolution on simulation outcomes
    Designing and modeling a split torque hydrostatic transmission in series with a manual transmission for an automotive application
    Developing a HIPAA compliant EMR system: TigerPlace case study
    Development of a plant protein phosphorylation database and a web-based protein phosphorylation prediction tool
    Development of new dielectric materials for pulsed power applications
    Developmental and tissue transcriptional profiles of peptidoglycan recognition proteins in the mosquito Aedes aegypti
    The developmental liver transcriptome of Rattus norvegicus
    The differential effects of presentation rate and retention interval on memory for items and associations in younger adults: a simulation of an age-related associative deficit
    A digital juggling act: a case study of new media's impact on the responsibilities of local television reporters
    Does the number of Facebook 'likes' influence how users perceive humorous pictures shared on Facebook?
    East marries west
    The Economic Feasibility of Woody Biomass Harvest Practices in Missouri: The Cost of Harvesting Tops and Small Diameter Trees
    Effects of Calcium-Rich Additives on the Small-Strain Modulus of Representative Subgrade Soils in Missouri
    Effects of dietary melamine and cyanuric acid in young Pekin ducks and weanling pigs
    The effects of dopamine and salience manipulations on magical thinking