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    11-amino-1 undecene-covered SI (100) and GE (100) surfaces [1]
    The abundance and diversity of stream salamanders on montane golf courses [1]
    Access to food in Columbia, Missouri [1]
    The acquisition of Stephens Lake Park : a case study [1]
    Active and Healthy Schools pilot program in two private Missouri K-8 elementary schools [1]
    Amy Beach : the Victorian woman, the autism spectrum, and compositional style [1]
    Analysis of coffin and shoulder joint lameness with an inertial sensor-based system : impact versus pushoff [1]
    An analysis of northern hemisphere block sizes compared to climatology and seasonal variations [1]
    Analysis of quaternary faults and associated deformation of sedimentary basin fill : inner continental borderland of southern California [1]
    Analysis of the information needs of primary care physicians in an electronic health record (EHR) [1]
    Art directors' perceptions of the audience in U.S. magazines from 2009-2012 [1]
    Assessment of enhanced efficiency urea products on maize in Missouri [1]
    Authentic thresholds : interior design client involvement in the creation of sense of home [1]
    Bela Bartok and the Pro-Musica Society: a chronicle of piano recitals in eleven American cities during his 1927-1928 tour [1]
    Between the devil and the deep blue sea(m) : a case study exploring the borders between work and life domains described by women in the U.S. apparel industry [1]
    Biomarker assessment for detection of joint pathology in horses and evaluation of the nutritional supplement Steadfast equine as a therapeutic [1]
    Biomass assessment in the U.S. midwest using MODIS time-series [1]
    Campus climate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer undergraduate students at the University of Missouri : a qualitative study [1]
    Can trust substitute for quality institutions to promote economic growth? [1]
    The changing job of journalism : the impact of new and social media use on job satisfaction in a television newsroom [1]