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    Administration of apocynin in drinking water ameliorates transient cerebral ischemia-induced brain damage and behavioral deficits in mice [1]
    Advertising on Facebook fan pages: the influence of self-referencing appeals and ad types on consumers' attitudes and purchase intentions [1]
    Bismuth induced embrittlement of a copper substrate [1]
    Body objectification in advertising: effects of visual sexual objectification on body image dissatisfaction and advertising effectiveness [1]
    Comparison of an inertial sensor based system of lameness quantification to subjective lameness evaluation [1]
    Convergence in the production of news infographics [1]
    A Cypriot hodegetria: the creation, interpretation, and significance of a plaster relief from Kopetra [1]
    Dental composites reinforced with zinc oxide nanofillers [1]
    Design and analysis of miniaturized implantable and wearable microstrip antennas [1]
    Design and implementation of a middleware for ad-hoc multi-hop networking on Android [1]
    Development of a modular platform for ad hoc networking on Android [1]
    The effect of organizational structure on firm first day underpricing, long-term performance: evidence from U.S. biotech initial public offerings from 1996 to 2004 [1]
    Effectiveness of health messages based on the transtheoretical model from a public campaign perspective [1]
    Effects of front and bottom texturings on gallium arsenide solar cell characteristics [1]
    The effects of perceived visible characteristics of customers on servers' tipping expectations [1]
    Evaluation of conventional steel stud walls for blast design [1]
    Experimental evaluation of laminated glass interlayer under high strain rates [1]
    Exploring place attachment in rural Missouri [1]
    Extrtrinsic [sic] rewards and intrinsic motivation: the search for mechanisms [1]
    Fall detection system using low cost computing and online communication [1]