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    Identification of dysphagia in a transgenic mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
    The impact of hearing loss on the development of gesture use
    The impact of lecture capture on academic performance
    Investigating canine degenerative myelopathy as a disease model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis for histopathological evidence of dysphagia
    Media coverage of the adoption of electronic health records: a content analysis of local and national print newspapers and press releases
    Monitoring coral bleaching by satellite thermal products: a case study in the southern South China Sea
    Multiscale simulation of impact response between two microrods with different nano-structures
    Neighborhood parks and physical activity: exploring associations with perceived park quality and constraints
    The new news: challenges of monetization, engagement, and protection of news organizations' online content
    Organic sulfur metabolisms in Eastern Lau Spreading Center hydrothermal vents
    Oxygen isotopes from conodonts of the mid-continent, US: implications for Late Ordovician climate evolution
    Providing multi-token based protection against cross site request forgery
    The role of witchcraft accusations as an alternative form of self-expression
    Simultaneous electrophoretic deposition of copper oxide/aluminum nanothermite films
    "The sphinx of the nineteenth century": Helena Blavatsky's syncretism in Britain, 1887-1891
    Students' perceptions of effective teaching behaviors demonstrated by college instructors
    Topics in Littlewood-Paley theory and BMO
    Ultrasonic stress measurement for evaluating the adequacy of gusset plates
    Use of incentive/disincentive contracting to mitigate work zone traffic impacts
    "With the intention of destroying her life": women, suicide, and the limits of respectability in St. Louis Missouri, 1875 to 1900