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East marries west

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Title: East marries west
Author: Lin, Suqin
Keywords: cross-cultural marriage
intercultural communication
cultural conflict
allegorical image
Date: 2012
Publisher: University of Missouri--Columbia
Abstract: Nowadays, people from all over the world inevitably encounter and experience cultural differences in the era of globalization. My painting project, East Marries West, is about cultural differences when Easterners and Westerns come together. It depicts the cultural conflicts within Chinese and Euro-American marriages with an attempt to elicit re-evaluation of cultural collision in our culturally and ethnically diverse society. Inspired and enlightened by historical masterpieces and contemporary visual materials, I created representational images with intentional visual manipulations in order to unfold such conflicts and the dynamics behind. Through these allegorical images, I hope to bring to my audience the awareness of the outcomes from cultural clash and promote transnational understandings and cooperation on a more personal level. Obviously, mutual understanding and appreciation between nations are inevitable to most of us in the era of globalization and such experiences can indeed enrich our lives positively.
Other Identifiers: LinS-050312-T2248

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