The MU Libraries Faculty Lecture Series provides a forum for MU faculty to present original scholarship from across the disciplines, presented in an accessible fashion for an audience for non-specialists.

Recent Submissions

  • A Glimpse at Science in the Antarctic 

    Randall, Doug Dr. (University of Missouri, MU Libraries, Faculty Lecture Series, 2012-04)
    The presentation will take a look at some of the USA's Antarctic science activities operated under the National Science Foundation's Polar Programs, how to do science in the Antarctic, the McMurdo logistics facility, a ...
  • Sister Novelists in the Age of Austen: Jane and Anna Maria Porter 

    Looser, Devoney, 1967- (University of Missouri, MU Libraries, Faculty Lecture Series, 2012-10)
    Jane and Anna Maria Porter were celebrated novelists who, for many decades, were more famous than their contemporary Jane Austen. Why did the Porter sisters' celebrity status dwindle, as Austen's literary star rose? Devoney ...
  • Where did we come from?: new insights into our oldest ancestors 

    Ward, Carol V. (2012-04)
    Perhaps no subject fascinates us more than the mystery of our origins and evolution. Teams of scientists working throughout the world are recovering record numbers of fossils of our earliest ancestors, and these fossils ...
  • "Big winner": nuclear fear in the U.S. before and after 9/11 [videorecording] 

    Cohen, Samuel S. (2010-02)
    This lecture discussed the retrospective climate at the end of the twentieth century in which lessened fears of large scale death and destruction were the result of the end of the Cold War. An examination of Don DeLillo's ...
  • Religion and the professions, or, why we all need to "get" religion [videorecording] 

    Mason, Debra L. (2011-01)
    This lecture addressed the importance of understanding religion by current and future professionals.
  • Art and human nature [videorecording] 

    Strathausen, Carsten (2010-04)
    This lecture explored the two culture phenomenon between the sciences and the humanities, using the terms 'art' and 'human nature' to explore some terminiological tensions between the two cultures.