This collection contains presentations given at the MU Libraries Black History Month celebration.

Recent Submissions

  • Four women: a conversation about Nina Simone, Billy Holiday, Camilla Williams and Mary J. Blige 

    Gibson, Maya; Lindsey, Treva; Shonekan, Stephanie (2012-02)
    This discussion, part of the We Listen Series presented during Black History Month, explored aspects of four prominant African American women singers and their place in American culture.
  • Library experiences of MU students 

    Azizan-Gardner, Noor; Williams, Lakeisha; Simpkins, Phillip; Frazier, Calandria (2012-02)
    The panel discussion, facilitated by Noor Azizan-Gardner of the Chancellor's Diversity Institute, centered on the students' cultural and educational experiences with libraries. This included their childhood memories of ...