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Ashvattha is Shri Krishna

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Title: Ashvattha is Shri Krishna
Author: Nagar, Murari Lal; Canestraight, Linda
Keywords: Ashvattha tree
Date: 2011
Publisher: Om Shanti Mandiram
Series/Report no.: Om Holy Book; 9
Abstract: The question naturally arises: Why such a highly exalted honored position is accorded to the Ashvattha tree? The answer is straight: Bhagavan Sri Krishna Himself has proclaimed in his Bhagvadgita: Asvatthah sarvavrksanam = Among all the trees I am the Asvattha! It is honored since it is the holiest of all the holy trees. It can very well stand as a true symbol (satya pratika) of OM, which in turn is the true symbol of the Parabrahma Paramatman.

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