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The use of fats in cooking

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Title: The use of fats in cooking
Author: Naylor, Bessie May
Date: 1917
Publisher: University of Missouri
Abstract: The cost of food is the all important question at the present time. Our people must be fed. The problem is to discover what available foods will give the most nutritive value at a minimum cost. When we observe that a pound of fat will give energy to the amount of 4080 calories, while a pound of bread gives about 1200 calories, and a pound of beefsteak less than 1200 calories, we see the importance of fat as a fuel food. At the same time we must remember that fat furnishes only energy and can not be depended upon to take the place of the necessary proteins and mineral substance. The deficiency in the supply, and the consequent increase in price of the commonly used animal fats causes us to look for other fats which are available for use, and makes important the questions of their keeping qualities, their suitability for use in cooking, their digestibility, and their cost.

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