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Title: Residuum
Author: Rogers-Denham, Trudy
Keywords: fiber art
site-specific art
human condition
socio-economic culture
Date: 2012
Publisher: University of Missouri--Columbia
Abstract: Residuum focuses on the residue of the domestic object, the rug, and how it visualizes domestic loss and displacement through site-specific installations. The use of soil is used as a material for the rug series to portray the human conditions and social hierarchies associated with domestic loss and displacement. Through the printing process of the dirt, the rug has become molecular in structure incapable of holding a permanent arrangement. This transmutation of the woven rug to a particle-based print destroys and inverts the original connotations associated with the historical rug object. This enforces the cyclical social patterns, as exemplified through the use of repeating textile patterns, as well as the lack of sustainability in our current American socio-economic culture. As the project progressed, the work's meaning changed to explore how the broader governmental or commercial institutions controlled a person's domestic life and the disposability of one's life. This research is exemplified through the installations: Dirt Rug in Front of Bench (2011), Dirt Rug by Dumpster (2011), Foreclosure (2011), Meeting (2012), and Cover Up (2012).
Other Identifiers: Rogers-DenhamT-072312-T514

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