The final project for the graduate level seminar in emerging technologies in libraries required the students to create collaborative reports meant to be of use to members of the Missouri library community. Essentially, these are top-ten lists of emerging technologies to implement, based on a kind of library, a kind of user, or some other theme.

Recent Submissions

  • Top ten technologies for academic libraries 

    Boden, Eliot; Lomax, Elisabeth; Martin, Kelley; Robb, Aaron (2012)
    This report details ten technologies of use in academic libraries.
  • Ten technologies for public libraries 

    Bailey, Amy; Hays, Elizabeth; Sablotny, Alanna; Stringer, Miranda (2012)
    This report details ten technologies of use in public libraries.
  • Technology makes learning fun: top 10 technologies to try in your school library 

    Garay, Willa; Hunsaker, Cammie; Lana, Amy L.; Schneider, Josie (2012)
    The following tools offer school library media specialists innovative and useful ways to incorporate technology into classroom instruction, and each can be adapted for use in youth services within public libraries. While ...
  • Special libraries: ten essential technologies 

    Barnason, Jen; Cowan, Matt; Maass, Brian; Parde, Annette (2012)
    This report describes ten technologies of use in special libraries.
  • Social media for librarianship 

    Anstaett, Ashley; Elsener, Michael; McCann, Brian; Melvin, Mary (2011)
    Libraries are incorporating Social Media technologies to create a more progressive presence in the community. Social Media has become an essential way for libraries to communicate and engage patrons. These important tools ...