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    Effects of early intervention targeting mathematically at-risk first grade students [abstract]
    Effects of maternal diet on offspring in terms of behavior and overall health [abstract]
    Effects of temperature on biodiesel supplemented with pork and beef fat compared to standard fuels [abstract]
    Efficacy of a modified constraint induced movement therapy protocol in the clinical setting [abstract]
    Efficacy of curcumin in ameliorating the toxic effects of ochratoxin A and aflatoxin in young broilers [abstract]
    Efficacy of modified constraint-induced movement therapy (mCIMT) protocol with clients with chronic stroke [abstract]
    The elderly, parent-child relationships and AIDS in rural South Africa [abstract]
    Electric arc production of nanoparticles for energetic materials [abstract]
    Electrohydrodynamic conduction pump - An experimental investigation [abstract]
    Empowerment through journalism: social change through youth media production in northeast Brazil [abstract]
    Energy scavenging from the human body for powering prosthetics [abstract]
    Enhancing pond production of large food size-fish by controlling social costs [abstract]
    Establishing the status of the American black bear in southern Missouri [abstract]
    An estrogen induced, estrogen responsive rat model of breast cancer [abstract]
    Evaluating the relationship between leaf nitrogen concentration and Minolta SPAD-502 meter readings [abstract]
    Exploring the obstacles hindering the academic attainment of Latino/a students [abstract]
    Exposure to explicit sexual media impacts men's perceptions of women's motives for sexual intercourse [abstract]
    Externally advised REITs to internally advised REITs [abstract]
    Force feedback control of a hydraulic cylinder [abstract]
    The formation of cysteine-tyrosine crosslinks via a sulfenic acid intermediate [abstract]