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    Characterization of lithium-intercalated graphite for use in betavoltaic batteries [1]
    Chemical modifications to produce soy-based polyols [1]
    Combined dilatometry and mass spectrometry of sintering and evolved gases of barium titanate and zirconium diboride with sintering additives [1]
    Composition of drainage water of Hinkson and Grindstone creeks [1]
    Computer simulation of the methane plasma enhanced deposition of carbon film [1]
    The continuous supercritical water gasification of spirulina and the use of a positive displacement feeding system [1]
    Controlling SIBLING protein orientation and conformation via native binding interactions [1]
    Convection battery research, development, and simulation [1]
    The design & construction of a proton microprobe using a GE PETtrace cyclotron [1]
    The design of ultrafast routes to synthesis carbon nanotubes by microwave [1]
    Developing, implementing, and assessing coupled-tank experiments in an undergraduate chemical engineering curriculum [1]
    Development of a combined dilatometer and mass spectrometer system for studying gas phase chemistry and kinetics during sintering [1]
    Effects of a combined supercritical extraction/thermal cycle on binder removal cycle time, yield, residual carbon, and defect formation in multilayer ceramic capacitors [1]
    Effects of polysulfone support layer on the performance of thin film composite (TFC) membranes [1]
    Electrospinning of sulfobetaine methacrylate nanofibers [1]
    Equilibrium limitations and selectivity on conversion of glycerol to propylene glycol [1]
    Equivalent circuit modeling of TMS plasma polymer coating system on cold-rolled steel [1]
    Evolutionary dynamics while trapped in resonance: a Keplerian binary system perturbed by gravitational radiation [1]
    Fabrication of a novel radiopharmaceutical: lutetium-177 loaded MCM-41mesoporous silica [1]
    Failure analysis of green ceramic bodies during thermal debinding [1]