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    Fluorescence studies and sensing application of carbon nanodots
    Functional ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents for luminescence sensing applications and carbon capture
    Gas Adsorption on Highly-purified Magnesium Oxide
    Gas phase conversion of sugars to C3 chemicals
    Gravitational ionization: a chaotic net in the Kepler system
    Gravitational ionization: periodic orbits of binary systems perturbed by gravitational radiation.
    Group Contribution Modeling of Physical Properties during Urethane Reaction
    Hydrogen Generation via Novel Supercritical Water Reformation Technology
    Hydrogen production from biomass
    Hydrogen storage in engineered carbon nanospaces
    Investigation of adsorption-related properties of potassium hydroxide activated carbon and its derivatives design, experimental analysis, and modeling of multiple battery chemistries
    Investigation of battery materials and sonic enhancements
    Investigation of supercritical fluids for use in biomass processing & carbon recycling
    Ion-induced graphite radiation damage
    Is sustainable energy development possible?: It's not easy being green
    It's not easy being green
    The kinetics of non-catalyzed supercritical water reforming of ethanol
    Large-scale fabrication of SiC nanofibers and plasma interface engineering of polymer nanocomposites and dental composite restoration
    Lewis-base polymers for modifying absorption and desorption abilities of silica supported, amine based solid carbon dioxide capture materials
    Microrna detection by surface plasmon resonance