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    Biochar Preparation for Soil Enhancement [1]
    Bismuth impurity effects on copper: examining embrittlement in immiscible binary metallic systems [1]
    Chaos in the Kepler system [1]
    Characterization of lithium-intercalated graphite for use in betavoltaic batteries [1]
    Computer simulation of the methane plasma enhanced deposition of carbon film [1]
    Controlling SIBLING protein orientation and conformation via native binding interactions [1]
    Convection battery research, development, and simulation [1]
    The design of ultrafast routes to synthesis carbon nanotubes by microwave [1]
    Effects of polysulfone support layer on the performance of thin film composite (TFC) membranes [1]
    Evolutionary dynamics while trapped in resonance: a Keplerian binary system perturbed by gravitational radiation [1]
    Fabrication of a novel radiopharmaceutical: lutetium-177 loaded MCM-41mesoporous silica [1]
    Fluorescence studies and sensing application of carbon nanodots [1]
    Functional ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents for luminescence sensing applications and carbon capture [1]
    Gas Adsorption on Highly-purified Magnesium Oxide [1]
    Gravitational ionization: a chaotic net in the Kepler system [1]
    Group Contribution Modeling of Physical Properties during Urethane Reaction [1]
    Hydrogen Generation via Novel Supercritical Water Reformation Technology [1]
    Investigation of adsorption-related properties of potassium hydroxide activated carbon and its derivatives design, experimental analysis, and modeling of multiple battery chemistries [1]
    Investigation of battery materials and sonic enhancements [1]
    Ion-induced graphite radiation damage [1]