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    Photocatalytic reduction of hexavalent chromium in aqueous solutions by TiO₂ PAN nanofibers [1]
    A plasma polymerization investigation and low temperature cascade arc plasma for polymeric surface modification [1]
    Polyols made from vegetable oil and their applications [1]
    Polyurethane rigid foams modeling project [2]
    Preliminary analysis on the pulping of corn stover using aqueous ethanol and supercritical carbon dioxide [1]
    Production of propylene oxide from propylene glycol [1]
    The production, applications and economic study of activated carbon for large scale production including an educational study on undergraduate laboratory modules [1]
    Production, characterization, and applications of activated carbon [1]
    A study of polyurethane polymerization via modeling and experiment [1]
    Supercritical extraction of binder from multilayer ceramic capacitors [1]
    Sustained resonance: a binary system perturbed by gravitational radiation [1]
    Synthesis and applications of silver and palladium nano metal foams [1]
    Synthesis and testing of soy-based polyols: phosphate and glycerolysis oligomers [1]
    Synthesis, characterization and applications of fats and oil derived phase change materials [1]
    Technology for restarting molten salt nuclear fuel chemistry at MU [1]
    Theoretical evaluations of small-scale nuclear power systems [1]
    University of Missouri Chemical Engineering 1903 to 2013 : a history from the beginning [1]
    Use of enzymes to produce soy-based polyol for polyurethane [1]
    Validation and insight into a novel packed-bed electrode flow battery architecture [1]