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    Simulation aided analysis of polyurethane reaction systems
    A study of nanostructured materials toward coronary artery stenting and DNA-based biosensing
    A study of polyurethane polymerization via modeling and experiment
    Supercritical extraction of binder from multilayer ceramic capacitors
    Sustained resonance: a binary system perturbed by gravitational radiation
    Synthesis and applications of silver and palladium nano metal foams
    Synthesis and testing of soy-based polyols: phosphate and glycerolysis oligomers
    Synthesis, characterization and applications of fats and oil derived phase change materials
    Technology for restarting molten salt nuclear fuel chemistry at MU
    Terahertz materials for energy harvesting rectenna
    Theoretical evaluations of small-scale nuclear power systems
    Thermophysical properties of nanoparticle-enhanced deep eutectic solvents (NEDESs) heat-transfer fluids
    Thermosetting curing systems modeling project
    Thomas R. Marrero portfolio
    TiO2/Diatomite composites for effective arsenic removal
    Ultrafiltration of surface water by poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF)/TiO2 mixed matrix hollow fiber membranes (HFMs) with advanced antifouling properties under visible light irradiation
    Understanding the behavior of three component polyampholyte hydrogels for tissue engineering applications
    University of Missouri Chemical Engineering 1903 to 2013 : a history from the beginning
    Use of enzymes to produce soy-based polyol for polyurethane
    Validation and insight into a novel packed-bed electrode flow battery architecture