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    Microfluidic capture of rare cells via non-cylindrical microposts in an array
    Microrna detection by surface plasmon resonance
    Midwest Winegrower Quarterly Volume 1, Issue 1
    Midwest Winegrower Quarterly Volume 1, Issue 2
    Midwest Winegrower Quarterly Volume 1, Issue 3
    Midwest Winegrower Quarterly Volume 1, Issue 4
    A mixed methods approach to learning styles in hospitality online education : support for faculty and students
    A model of volunteer intention at a mega-event : the London 2012 Olympics
    Modeling and optimization of the Mannheimia haemolytica vaccine production process
    A modeling approach to ultrasound evaluation of material properties
    Modeling of delayed fluorescence from photosystem II and applications in assessment of drought and chemical stresses
    Modeling of phototransduction in vision systems
    Modeling the impact of polystyrene microparticles on toxicity of phenol to Artemia
    Modeling the influence of climate and management practices on water quality in Goodwater Creek experimental watershed
    Modeling the restaurant service-recovery process : the effects of relationship quality and customer characteristics on recovery efforts
    Molecularly imprinted polymer labeled with quantum dots for detection of nitroaromatic explosives
    Monitoring Sarcomere Structure Changes in Whole Muscle Using Diffuse Light Reflectance
    Monte Carlo Model for Studying the Effects of Melanin Concentrations on Retina Light Absorption
    Mueller Matrix Decomposition of Diffuse Reflectance Imaging in Skeletal Muscle
    Multi-frequency electrical impedance method for detection of viable micro-organisms, their quantification and their characterization