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    Photoacoustic Detection of Circulating Prostate, Breast and Pancreatic Cancer cells using targeted Gold Nanoparticles: Implications of Green Nanotechnology in Molecular Imaging
    Photoacoustic detection of circulating tumor cells
    Photoacoustic detection of metastatic melanoma in the human circulatory system
    Photoacoustic discrimination of viable and thermally coagulated blood for burn injury imaging
    Photoacoustic evaluation of surfaces via pulsed evanescent field interaction
    Photonic ablation via quantum tunneling
    Physical and chemical attributes of a defatted soy flour meat analog
    Physical and viscoelastic properties of calcium alginate gels
    Physical characterization and antimicrobial properties of PVA-cellulose nanofiber based films
    Physicochemical and sensory properties of soymilk from five soybean lines
    Physicochemical properties of soy- and pea-based imitation sausage patties
    Plasmonic-enhanced fluorescent conjugated polymer chemosensor for ultra-sensitive detection of nitroaromatic vapors
    Polarization-sensitive Reflectance Imaging in Skeletal Muscle
    Polyurethane foams containing renewable castor oil replacement
    Polyurethane foams from novel soy-based polyols
    Polyurethane foams made from bio-based polyols
    Predicting switchgrass biomass and ethanol potential on claypan soil landscapes
    Prevention of biofilm formation on food contact surfaces by nanoscale plasma coating
    Probiotic-supplemented soy bar effects on resistance to infection by listeria monocytogenes
    Proceedings of the Justin R. Morris Vineyard Mechanization Symposium (2008)