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    Polyurethane foams from novel soy-based polyols
    Polyurethane foams made from bio-based polyols
    Predicting switchgrass biomass and ethanol potential on claypan soil landscapes
    Prevention of biofilm formation on food contact surfaces by nanoscale plasma coating
    Probiotic-supplemented soy bar effects on resistance to infection by listeria monocytogenes
    Proceedings of the Justin R. Morris Vineyard Mechanization Symposium (2008)
    Processing and properties of amaranth cake
    Processing and properties of quinoa cake
    Processing and properties of ready-to-cook tekwan
    Profile of Missouri Norton wine aroma using solid phase microextraction of headspace, gas chromatography-olfactometry, mass spectrometry
    Propagation of polarized light in skeletal muscle
    Properties of extruded snacks containing tomato and garlic
    Properties of extruded white corn flour - high amylose corn starch puffs
    Protein-protein interaction of soy protein isolate from extrusion processing
    Puffing of okara/rice blends using a rice cake machine
    Pupillary Light Reflex Deficits in a Canine Model of Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis and the Effects of Enzyme Replacement Therapy
    Pupillary light reflex in children with autism spectrum disorders
    Quantification of cell attachment on different materials as candidate electrodes for measurement of quantal exocytosis
    Quantification of wine fault markers and their relation with risk factors
    Rapid detection and characterization of mycobacteria using microchannel electrical impedance spectroscopy