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    Development of novel bionanocomposite scaffolds [1]
    Effect of antimicrobial agents on physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics of ready-to-eat bologna [1]
    Effect of bioprotectants on turkey sausage [1]
    Effect of cotton seed meal upon the churnability of cream, and the market qualities of the butter [1]
    The Effect of Dietary Fiber on the Physio-Chemical and Sensorial Properties of Frozen Yogurt [1]
    Effect of different marinade treatments on survival and morphology of pathogens in beef jerky [1]
    Effect of fat mimetics on the headspace release of five strawberry flavor compounds [1]
    Effect of immediate post-harvest freezing conditions and storage temperature on the composition of Norton grapes [1]
    Effect of lactic acid source on properties of silver carp restructured with alginate gel [1]
    Effect of swine diets supplemented with magnesium sulfate and electroytes on pork quality [1]
    Effect of the plane of nutrition on the ash constituents of cow's milk [1]
    Effect of zinc oxide and silver nanoparticles on intestinal bacteria [1]
    The effects of hydrocolloids and squash on the texture and color of scones with reduced fat [1]
    Effects of ingredients on gel properties and salt-soluble proteins of sirimi from silver carp [1]
    Effects of Inhomogeneous Myofibril Morphology on Optical Diffraction in Single Muscle Fibers [1]
    Effects of oxidative stress and Alzheimer's amyloid-beta peptide on astrocytes [1]
    The effects of perceived visible characteristics of customers on servers' tipping expectations [1]
    Effects of red wine and grape juice against foodborne pathogens and probiotics [1]
    Effects of tomato powder or soy fiber addition and fat content on physicochemical properties of hot dogs [1]
    Effects of Turbid Media Optical Properties on Object Visibility in Subsurface Polarization Imaging [1]