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    Effect of swine diets supplemented with magnesium sulfate and electroytes on pork quality
    Effect of the plane of nutrition on the ash constituents of cow's milk
    Effect of water, rice flour and small red bean on physical properties of tapioca pearl
    Effect of zinc oxide and silver nanoparticles on intestinal bacteria
    The effects of hydrocolloids and squash on the texture and color of scones with reduced fat
    Effects of ingredients on gel properties and salt-soluble proteins of sirimi from silver carp
    Effects of Inhomogeneous Myofibril Morphology on Optical Diffraction in Single Muscle Fibers
    Effects of lactic acid source on properties of beef sausages restructured with alginate gel
    Effects of oxidative stress and Alzheimer's amyloid-beta peptide on astrocytes
    The effects of perceived visible characteristics of customers on servers' tipping expectations
    Effects of red wine and grape juice against foodborne pathogens and probiotics
    Effects of tomato powder or soy fiber addition and fat content on physicochemical properties of hot dogs
    Effects of Turbid Media Optical Properties on Object Visibility in Subsurface Polarization Imaging
    Efficacy of nanoparticles in achieving hemostasis
    Electromagnetic stimulation of a composite scaffold for wound healing
    Electrospinning collagen and hyaluronic acid nanofiber meshes
    Employees' perspective of characteristics of small business leadership : a mixed methods study
    Employers perceptions of agricultural systems management (ASM) graduates competencies and skill level in the work environment
    Enhancing microbiological safety of water and food
    Equi-intensity Distribution of Optical Reflectance in a Fibrous Turbid Medium