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    Employers perceptions of agricultural systems management (ASM) graduates competencies and skill level in the work environment [1]
    Equi-intensity Distribution of Optical Reflectance in a Fibrous Turbid Medium [1]
    Evaluating alginate and organic acids for restructured carp intended for zoo animal and human diets [1]
    Evaluation of the antimicrobial properties and biocompatibility of polypropylene mesh conjugated with gold nanoparticles [1]
    An examination of the relationship between perceived organizational commitment and internships [1]
    Experimental and numerical investigation of biomass mechanical pre-processing [1]
    Exploration of supercritical water gasification of biomass using batch reactor [1]
    Expression of Target Optical Properties in Subsurface Polarization-gated Imaging [1]
    Extrusion and physicochemical properties of soy-whey protein meat analog [1]
    A fiber-optic confocal scanner for scattering tissue [1]
    Fibrous soy protein meat analog from low moisture twin-screw extrusion [1]
    Flourescent molecular rotors as mechanosensors in biofluids [1]
    Foaming properties of whey protein isolate and [lambda]-carrageenan mixed systems [1]
    Fortification of pasta with chickpea and quinoa flours [1]
    Functional and structural modifications associated with hypertension, obesity and diabetes in the resistance vasculature [1]
    Functional study of Kcv potassium channel through manipultion [sic] of individual subunits [1]
    Gating of CFTR chloride channels: distinct closed states revealed by the action of AMP-PNP [1]
    Geographic information systems used for precision agriculture: knowledge and use by agriculture students at the University of Missouri (MU) [1]
    Gold Nanoparticle Mediated Membrane Permeabilization of Phytochemical into Breast Cancer Cells [1]