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    CCVJ's fluorescence lifetime as a viscosity measurement tool and its possible application as a tunable picoseconds reference lifetime standard [1]
    CFTR chloride channels and ABC active transporters undergo similar structural rearrangements as part of their operation [1]
    Characterization [of] nucleic acids unwinding and exploring its application in miRNA detection in the nanopore [1]
    Characterization of berry ripening in Missouri Norton wine grapes [1]
    Characterization of membrane viscosity changes with the novel molecular rotor FCVJ [1]
    Characterization of zinc oxide nanoparticles and their applications in food safety [1]
    Characterizing optical properties in fibrous tissues [1]
    Climate and land use effects on hydrologic processes and water allocation in a primarily rain-fed, agricultural watershed [1]
    Climate change impacts on hydrologic components and occurrence of drought in an agricultural watershed [1]
    Clinical translation of nanomaterials for early detection of genetic abnormalities in fetus and retinopathy in neonates and adults [1]
    Coenzyme Q₁₀ content, composition, texture and physiochemical characteristics of pasta fortified with freeze-dried beef heart [1]
    College students' information search behavior for spring break: an exploration in the concept of specialization [1]
    Color stability of sorghum 3-deoxyanthocyanins against sulfite and ascorbic acid degradation: pH influence [1]
    Combating high pH/high TA Missouri wines and its impact on non-volatile and sensory characteristics [1]
    Comparison of sensory characteristics, and instrumental flavor compounds analysis of milk produced by three production methods [1]
    Comparison of the performance of three Raman spectroscopy substrates for detection of food contaminants. [1]
    Comparison of the performance of three SERS substrates for detection of food contaminants [1]
    Computational model of extracellular glutamate in the nucleus accumbens predicts neuroadaptations by chronic cocaine [1]
    Concurrent simulation of a subject specific musculoskeletal model with anatomical knee [1]
    Consumer and descriptive analysis of flavored omeprazole oral suspensions [1]