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    I. Patterning of silicalite-1 films using CO2 laser ablation. II. Impact of deposition and laser densification of silicalite-1 films on their optical characteristics [1]
    Identification of host-specific intervening sequences within 16S rDNA of fecal bacteria and their application for microbial source tracking in water (volume 1) [1]
    Imaging 2D Optical Diffuse Reflectance in Skeletal Muscle [1]
    Imaging 3D tissue fiber organization using optical polarization tractography [1]
    Imaging fiber orientation in articular cartilage using optical polarization tractography [1]
    Imaging Obscured Subsurface Inhomogeneity Using Laser Speckle [1]
    Imaging structural and mechanical properties of articular cartilage using optical polarization tractography [1]
    The impact of neuronal Nampt on motor function of mice [1]
    Impacts of bottle storage on wine flavor and underlying chemistry [1]
    The impacts of ion exchange on the volatile composition of wine and the characterization of Missouri wine aromas [1]
    Improved functional properties and health benefits of whey protein by interaction with polysaccharides [1]
    Improved heat stability of whey protein isolate by glycation with inulin [1]
    In situ polymerizing collagen for the development of 3D printed tissue engineering scaffolds [1]
    Inactivation of foodborne pathogens by fruit wines [1]
    Inactivation of wild type bacillus spores in a soy meat analog model by extrusion cooking [1]
    Integrating nanostructured artificial receptors with whispering gallery mode optical microresonators via inorganic molecular imprinting techniques [1]
    Integration of single-cell electropermeabilization together with electrochemical measurement of quantal exocytosis on microchips [1]
    An integrative approach to study the safety issues of food products imported from China [1]
    Intragastric gelation of mixed soy protein isolate and alginate as well as its effect on postprandial glucose response and satiety [1]
    Investigation of ethnic food safety : microbiological and consumer behavioral approaches [1]