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    Rapid detection of food- and water-borne viruses and bacteria using SERS coupled with nanosubstrates [1]
    Rapid isolation of target bacteria from complex matrices [1]
    A ratiometric fluorometer for reduced sensitivity against solvent artifacts [1]
    Ratiometric techniques to determine fluid viscosity using molecular rotors [1]
    Regional heterogeneity of adventitial elastin in the arteriolar wall reflects differences in the mechanical environment [1]
    Regulation of calcium signaling by p130PH in astrocytes [1]
    Resveratrol and procyanidin content in select Missouri red wines [1]
    The role of astrocytic calcium signaling in brain damage after photothrombosis [1]
    The role of sodium-calcium exchanger in the electrical activity of embryonic chicken heart [1]
    The role of the AP-1 adaptor complex in trafficking between the trans-Golgi Network and endosomal system [1]
    Self-Aligned Microchip Device for Automated Measurement of Quantal Exocytosis [abstract] [1]
    Sensory analysis of low fat strawberry ice creams prepared with different flavor chemicals and fat mimetics [1]
    Sensory analysis, instrumental analysis and consumers' acceptance toward multifunctional ice creams [1]
    Simultaneous quantitation of Escherichia coli O157:H7, salmonella and shigella in ground beef by multiplex real-time PCR and immunomagnetic separation [1]
    Single Camera Spectral Domain Polarization-sensitive Optical Coherence Tomography Using Offset B-scan Modulation [1]
    Single-molecule investigation and nanopore-integrated biochip [1]
    Soil property estimation using visible and near-infrared reflectance [1]
    Study of antimicrobial activity and mechanism of zinc oxide nanoparticles against foodborne pathogens [1]
    A study of consumer responses to sustainability strategies in the hotel industry: examining the efficacy of corporate social responsibility [1]
    Study of difficult churning [1]