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    A study of the effects of cotton seed products upon the composition of butter fat and the churnability of cream [1]
    A study of the individual and organizational characteristics influencing event planner's perception on information content and channel choice [1]
    A study on college job applicant's intention to refuse job offer [1]
    Supercritical water gasification of waste residues [1]
    Survival and exopolysaccharide production of lactic acid bacteria grown on grape pomace [1]
    Survival of freeze-dried probiotics in soy protein powder [1]
    Switchgrass production in the central claypan region of Missouri [1]
    Synthesis and application of semiconductor quantum dots in novel sensing applications [1]
    Temporary public eating places: food safety knowledge and practices [1]
    Time delay compensation in finite-order models of acoustic wave propagation in homogenous media [1]
    Tourist motivation to use homestays in Thailand and their satisfaction based on the destination's cultural and heritage based attribute [1]
    Transfer of Listera monocytogenes and Escherichia coli 0157:H7 during food processing [1]
    Transillumination Optical Tomography of Tissue-Engineered Blood Vessels: A Monte Carlo Simulation [1]
    Understanding and Preventing Freeze Damage in Vineyards: Workshop Proceedings [1]
    The use of a food based social network site in culinary education [1]
    The use of fats in cooking [1]
    The use of supercritical fluids to process biomass for fuel [1]
    Using Biodiesel as a Lubricity Additive for Petroleum Diesel Fuel [1]
    Vascular smooth muscle calcium waves in isolated arterioles : interactions between intraluminal pressure and intracellular calcium handling [1]
    Visible reflectance spectroscopy to observe the effect of copper embedded socks on erythema in feet [1]