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    Latinos in the Heartland : Proceedings of the 2009 Annual Conference (2010)
    Latinos in the Heartland : Proceedings of the 8th Annual Conference: Columbia, Missouri, May 18-19, 2009
    Latinos in the media : the value of critical media literacy
    Legal and policy challenges as Latinas/os make their homes in Missouri
    Lessons from consumer boycotts led by farmworkers : a strategy to address harsh working conditions and low wage rates
    Listening to Latino Business Owners
    Livelihoods, Vulnerabilities, and Opportunities in Rural Missouri
    Meanings and Strategies for Good Health: The Perspectives of Latina Immigrant Mothers in Rural Iowa
    Mental health response to Spanish-speaking telephone callers: Secret shopper study
    The Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX III)
    Migration and Shifting Human Landscapes : Proceedings of the 10th Annual Conference: Kansas City, Missouri, June 8-10, 2011
    Migration to rural communities in the Midwest : economic wellbeing and women at the household level
    Missouri communities responding to change
    Missouri's Efforts to Confront Racial Profiling
    Moving up : communities, institutions, and plural societies
    Multicultural needs assessment of extension educators
    Naturalization: The official integration
    The Nature and Extent of Latino Immigrants' Communication with Their Children about Sexual Issues
    Neighbors in Urban and Rural Communities : Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Conference: Kansas City, Missouri, March 12-14, 2003
    A Network for Economic Integration of Immigrants: Supporting Latino/as in Des Moines, IA