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    A closer look at the Latino BSN student
    Connecting Research to Policy and Practice, Hoy y Mañana : Proceedings of the 4th Annual Conference: Columbia, Missouri, March 30-April 1, 2005.
    La construcción de identidad de padres-madres y maestros en contextos bilingües
    The construction of parent and teacher identities in bilingual settings
    Counterterrorism and the Latino Community since Sept. 11
    Creating a dual Ph.D. degree program between Oklahoma State University & Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla, Mexico
    Creating an Immigrant Friendly Community to Enhance Financial, Social, and Cultural Capital: Sioux County Iowa
    Cross-cultural and experiential learning in El Salvador for extension specialists : lessons learned in the field
    Crossing educational borders : the impact of international experiences on teachers
    Cultural transition, identity crisis and challenges of a foreign professional
    Demographic and Census Trends of Latinos in the Kansas City Area
    Developing effective life skills for Latino student success : a 4-H science project
    Developing Entrepreneurship Programs to Assist New Destination Latino Immigrants
    Developing Latino entrepreneur support networks: the Wapello County microloan
    Developing Social Capitals Latino Immigrants in Three Rural Missouri Communities
    Dimensions of Acculturative Stress and Mexican American Emerging Adults Prosocial Behaviors
    DM - Community Decision Making (MU Extension) ; 7615-2002
    DM - Community Decision Making (MU Extension) ; 7619-2011
    DM - Community Decision Making (MU Extension) ; 7620
    DM - Community Decision Making (MU Extension) ; 7621