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    Immigration and Trauma: Examining Coping and Resiliency Among Latina/o Immigrants
    Immigration enforcement in America's Heartland
    Immigration of Latinos to Missouri
    Immigration Reform: Comprehensive Solutions for Complex Problems
    Immigration, Mobility and Community in a Global World
    The impact of networks and the concept of reception on asset accumulation strategies of Latino newcomers in new settlement communities in the Midwest
    The Impact of Social Networks on Well-Being: Evidence from Latino
    Impact of U.S. Immigration Law on the Latino Workforce
    The importance of social networks on Latino Immigrants' Well-being in Rural Missouri
    Improving Relationships and Communication through Understanding One Another
    Involving Immigrant Latino Farmers in Local Food Systems A Community Capitals Approach
    La Voz : Latinos engaging for family and community advocacy : process and development framework
    Lady researchers : mapping urban community and learning spaces
    Latina's educational endeavors past, present and future
    Latino farmers and USDA agents talk about challenges to access and use of USDA programs
    Latino Immigration and Meatpacking in the Rural Midwest : An Inventory of Community Impacts and Responses
    Latino Youth Involved in Urban Community Gardening
    Latinos and Immigrants in Midwestern Communities : Proceedings of the 9th Annual Conference: Columbia, Missouri, May 24-26, 2010.
    Latinos in Missouri : Conference Abstracts 2006-2008 (2009)
    Latinos in Missouri : connecting research to policy and practice, hoy y mañana (2008)