• Bilingual Education 

    Espinosa, Linda (University of Missouri--Columbia. Cambio Center, 2008)
  • Immigration Reform: Comprehensive Solutions for Complex Problems 

    Waslin, Michele (University of Missouri--Columbia. Cambio Center, 2009)
    In January 2004, after more than two years of silence, President George Bush reignited the national immigration debate when he proposed a new guest worker program. Members of Congress of both political parties have entered ...
  • The Nature and Extent of Latino Immigrants' Communication with Their Children about Sexual Issues 

    Dannerbeck, Anne; Sable, Marjorie; Campbell, James; Gonzalez, Eleazar; Hauman, Roxana (University of Missouri--Columbia. Cambio Center, 2008)
    The second and third generation of Latino immigrants have historically not faired as well as their foreign-born parents on many health measures, such as life expectancy, unplanned pregnancy and drug use. To better prepare ...