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    Large-scale analysis, management, and retrieval of biological and medical images [1]
    Large-scale soybean genome-wide variation workflow and association analysis using deep learning [1]
    The long-term effects of a short-term study abroad experience on baccalaureate-prepared nursing students [1]
    Manual process productivity measurement : for Pre-registration Department in University of Missouri Healthcare [1]
    Methods to assess process flow and wait-times at student run free clinics [1]
    Obesity prevention and control strategies in Latin American and United States Latino populations [Abstract] [1]
    Organizational Ethics Committees [1]
    Partial DNR Orders [1]
    Patterns and recent trends in mastectomy and breast conserving surgery for women with early-stage breast tumors in Missouri : an update and further investigation [1]
    Prediction of clinical events in elderly using sensor data : a case study on pulse pressure [1]
    Prevalence of Shiga-toxigenic Escherichia coli (STEC) in pre-harvest sheep in Missouri [1]
    Recidivism and resource use by mental health patients in the emergency room [1]
    Repetitive sequence analysis for soybean genome sequences [1]
    The role of electronic medical record in nation care delivery, development: case study on Ghana [1]
    The Terri Schiavo Crisis [1]
    TigerPlace: An Innovative Educational and Research Environment [1]
    Uncovering morphoproteomic relationships using probabilistic graphical models and resource description framework knowledgebases [1]
    Understanding intensive care unit clinical communication using knowledge representation [1]
    Understanding structure, function, and evolution of protein-protein interactions by computational modeling and analysis [1]
    Use of patient generated health data in ischemic heart disease [1]