At OSEDA we strive to transform data into useful information. We believe the construction of meaningful information is an inherently collaborative enterprise. We believe "information" arises from "data" when facts are focused honestly on questions of interest to audiences, especially for decision-making. Therefore, we strive to engage our audiences seeking communication from many perspectives. OSEDA collaborates with partners in the analysis of social and economic data in ways that contribute to improvements in the well-being of people, enterprises and communities.

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Recent Submissions

  • Evaluation and Monitoring: Developing Indicators and Measuring Impact 

    Elder, Bill, 1948- (2006-03)
    This OSEDA presentation discusses how to understand the development and use of indicators for program evaluation. Topics include performance measurement frameworks, data collection methods and various types of evaluation.
  • Regional Demographics: The Lake, Jeff City and Columbia 

    Elder, Bill, 1948- (2007-10)
    This OSEDA presentation discusses Mid-Missouri demographics, including the percent of work force working outside their county of residence, population change from 2000-2006 in Mid-Missouri and indicators of child well-being.
  • Missouri Economic Development Council 

    Elder, Bill, 1948- (2007-11)
    This OSEDA presentation discusses Missouri economic issues, including the ideas of a "flat world" and the "perfect storm," the State New Economy Index and e-commerce.
  • Chamber of Commerce 2008 Annual Planning Retreat 

    Elder, Bill, 1948- (2008-04)
    This OSEDA presentation discusses Boone County's economic and demographic trends, including top economic sectors, largest employers and employment change by economic sector.

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