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    Interannual and interdecadal variability in the predominant Pacific region SST anomaly patterns and their impact on climate in the mid-Mississippi valley region [1]
    The interannual and interdecadal variability of the Borneo vortex during boreal winter monsoon [1]
    The Interannual variability of hurricane activity in the Atlantic and east pacific regions [1]
    Interannual Variability of Snowfall Events Southwest Missouri and Snowfall to- Liquid Water Equivalents at the Springfield WFO [1]
    Interannual variability of tropical cyclone activity in the southern South China Sea [1]
    Investigating near-surface wind fields as influenced by low-level jet occurrences in Missouri [1]
    An investigation into the contribution of the low-level jet (LLJ) to the available wind resource in Missouri [1]
    An investigation of thundersnow environment differences between the Phoenix metropolitan area and Columbia, MO from an analytical and modeling perspective [1]
    Kinetic energy flux associated wiht natural and simulated rainfall events and instrumentation used in the evaluation [1]
    Land use effects on greenhouse gas production in lower Missouri River floodplain soils [1]
    The long-term impacts of forest removal on floodplain subsurface hydrology [1]
    Long-term soil and crop management effects on soil physical properties related to soil erodibility [1]
    Management impacts on GHG emissions and yield for an organic soybean crop [1]
    Management of nitrogen and nitrification inhibitors for corn and wheat production on claypan soils [1]
    The massive tornado outbreak of May 2003 [1]
    Measuring and modeling rainfall with terrestrial sensors and radar : implications for rainfall heterogeneity and discharge [1]
    Methods for high-resolution soil-landscape modeling in midwest upland landscapes [1]
    Neighboring upper level jet streaks, their proximity, and their synergestic coupling of the divergent regions [1]
    A new method of calculating vertical motion in isentropic space [1]
    Nitrogen fertilizer management of temporarily waterlogged soils to improve corn production and reduce environmental nitrogen loss [1]