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    Calculated Height Tendencies in Two Southern Hemisphere Blocking and Cyclone Events: The Contribution of Diabatic Heating to Block Intensification
    Cell identification, verification, and classification using shape analysis techniques
    Changes in selected soil quality indicators in forested soils following sawlog harvest
    Characterization of soil organic matter under varying conservation management practices
    Classification of air pollution regimes in the Missouri region
    Climate, climate change and hurricanes
    Climatological Features of blocking anticyclones in the Northern Hemisphere
    Climatological features of blocking anticyclones: a study of Northern Hemisphere CCM1 model blocking events in present-day and double CO2 concentration atmospheres
    Climatology of atmospheric blocking 1978-2008: global and hemispheric breakdown, as well as impacts of temperature, and global climate cycles
    The Climatology of Blocking Anticyclones for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres: Block Intensity as a Diagnostic
    The climatology of dew points and fire weather related parameters in the Missouri-Arkansas region
    A Climatology of Northern Hemisphere Blocking
    A Climatology of Northwest Missouri Snowfall Events: Long Term Trends and Interannual Variability.
    The Columbia, Missouri, Heat Island Experiment (COHIX) and the Influence of a Small City on the Local Climatology
    Comparison of rainfall energy and soil erosion parameters from a rainfall simulator and natural rain
    A comparison of two cases of low-latitude thundersnow
    Cover crop practices in Missouri claypan soils and their influences on selected soil health indicators
    Cover crops: an alternative practice to improve soil physical properties and soil water dynamics
    Delineation of critical management areas at plot, field, and watershed scales for claypan soils
    Detection of gust fronts using the doppler velocity derived divergence product