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    Delineation of critical management areas at plot, field, and watershed scales for claypan soils [1]
    Detection of gust fronts using the doppler velocity derived divergence product [1]
    Determining the Spring to Summer Transition in the Missouri Ozarks Using Synoptic Scale Atmospheric Data [1]
    The diagnosis of a pre-blocking explosively-developing extratropical cyclone system [1]
    A Diagnosis of the development of a Winter Anticyclone over North America [1]
    A Diagnosis of the Explosive Development of Two Extratropical Cyclones [1]
    A Diagnosis of Two Blocking Events That Occurred Simultaneously in the Midlatitude Northern Hemisphere [1]
    Discrimination of elevated convection based on low-level radar-derived convergence [1]
    Drought in the Midwest [1]
    Dynamics of Eddy-Driven Low-Frequency Dipole Modes. Part I: A Simple Model of North Atlantic Oscillations [1]
    Dynamics of Eddy-Driven Low-Frequency Dipole Modes. Part II: Free Mode Characteristics of NAO and Diagnostic Study [1]
    Effects of a consortia probiotic inoculant on soil microorganisms and impacts on autoinducers employed in quorum sensing [1]
    Effects of deep vertical placement of lime on corn and soybean response and soil chemical properties in conservation tillage systems [1]
    Effects of selected surfactants on nutrient uptake and soil microbial community [1]
    Effects of veterinary antibiotics on atrazine degradation in soil [1]
    Elemental concentration changes in soil and stockpiled tall fescue leaves after liming [1]
    Enhanced efficiency phosphorus application for corn [1]
    Enhanced rhizodegradation of munitions explosives and degradates by selected native grass species [1]
    Enso and PDO climate variability impacts on regional Missouri crop yields [1]
    Environmental Implications of Increased Bioenergy Production on Midwest Soil Landscapes [abstract] [1]