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    Delineation of critical management areas at plot, field, and watershed scales for claypan soils
    Detection of gust fronts using the doppler velocity derived divergence product
    Determining the Spring to Summer Transition in the Missouri Ozarks Using Synoptic Scale Atmospheric Data
    The diagnosis of a pre-blocking explosively-developing extratropical cyclone system
    A Diagnosis of the development of a Winter Anticyclone over North America
    A Diagnosis of the Explosive Development of Two Extratropical Cyclones
    A Diagnosis of Two Blocking Events That Occurred Simultaneously in the Midlatitude Northern Hemisphere
    Discrimination of elevated convection based on low-level radar-derived convergence
    Drought in the Midwest
    Dynamics of Eddy-Driven Low-Frequency Dipole Modes. Part I: A Simple Model of North Atlantic Oscillations
    Dynamics of Eddy-Driven Low-Frequency Dipole Modes. Part II: Free Mode Characteristics of NAO and Diagnostic Study
    Effects of a consortia probiotic inoculant on soil microorganisms and impacts on autoinducers employed in quorum sensing
    Effects of deep vertical placement of lime on corn and soybean response and soil chemical properties in conservation tillage systems
    Effects of selected surfactants on nutrient uptake and soil microbial community
    Effects of veterinary antibiotics on atrazine degradation in soil
    Elemental concentration changes in soil and stockpiled tall fescue leaves after liming
    Enhanced efficiency phosphorus application for corn
    Enhanced rhizodegradation of munitions explosives and degradates by selected native grass species
    Enso and PDO climate variability impacts on regional Missouri crop yields
    Environmental Implications of Increased Bioenergy Production on Midwest Soil Landscapes [abstract]