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    Effects of a consortia probiotic inoculant on soil microorganisms and impacts on autoinducers employed in quorum sensing
    Effects of deep vertical placement of lime on corn and soybean response and soil chemical properties in conservation tillage systems
    Effects of selected surfactants on nutrient uptake and soil microbial community
    Effects of veterinary antibiotics on atrazine degradation in soil
    Elemental concentration changes in soil and stockpiled tall fescue leaves after liming
    Enhanced efficiency phosphorus application for corn
    Enhanced rhizodegradation of munitions explosives and degradates by selected native grass species
    Enso and PDO climate variability impacts on regional Missouri crop yields
    Environmental Implications of Increased Bioenergy Production on Midwest Soil Landscapes [abstract]
    Environmental implications of phosphate-based amendments in heavy metal contaminated alluvial soil
    Evaluating and improving the performance of radar to estimate rainfall
    Evaluation of the non-supercell tornado parameter for the green bay, Wisconsin tornado event of 07 August 2013
    An examination of dual-polarized radar nowcasts and their verification using modern shape analysis techniques
    Forest harvest effects on soil chemical properties and nutrient concentrations in Ozark Highland soils
    A formal evaluation of storm type versus storm motion
    Further investigation of synoptic and mesoscale features in previous central United States winter storms compared to southeast, middle Atlantic and northeast events
    Further studies of the heat island associated with a small midwestern city
    Grain yield and greenhouse gas emissions from organic and conventional cropping systems on claypan soil landscapes
    The horizontal redistribution of anomalous vertical heat fluxes at tropical latitudes
    Identification and characterization of atrazine-degrading phytochemicals in eastern gamagrass