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    Quantifying evaporation of precipitation below the cloud base using a vertically pointing radar
    Radar characteristics of tornadic and non-tornadic quasi-linear convective systems over the central United States
    Rainfall observations using dual-polarization radar coupled with a drop motion and evaporation model
    Ramp event analysis for western Missouri
    Regional and geomorphic influence on soil genesis and oak ecosystems in the Chariton River Hills of Missouri
    The relationship between Mid-west precipitation rates, teleconnections and blocking in the Eastern and Central Pacific
    A review of Bayesian belief network models as decision-support tools for wetland conservation : are water birds potential umbrella taxa?
    Rhizobacteria associated with glyphosate-resistant soybean (Glycine Max)
    Risk and stability of phosphate-immobilized lead in contaminated urban soil and mining sites in the Jasper County Superfund Site
    Scale and stability analysis of selected atmospheric blocking events
    Severe winter storms in Missouri from 1960-2010
    The Short and Long-term Variability of F2 or Stronger (Significant) Tornadoes in the Central Plains
    Soil and crop management influences on soil physical quality of Sanborn Field
    Soil hydraulic and physical properties as affected by logging management
    Soil hydraulic properties as influenced by prairie restoration
    Soil microbial contribution to greenhouse gas efflux from a secondary forest in central Missouri
    Soil phosphorus pools and harvest effects on soil solution chemistry in the Missouri Ozark Highlands
    Soil physical and hydraulic properties affected by topsoil thickness in switchgrass and row crop management systems
    Soil quality as affected by agroforestry and grass buffers in grazed pasture and row crop systems
    Soil quality in organic cropping systems