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    Urea fertilizer placement effects on soil greenhouse gas emissions and corn growth
    Use of different sources and rates of foliar potassium with glyphosate to overcome environmental- and management-induced K deficiency in soybeans
    The use of dispersion modeling to determine the feasibility of vegetative environmental buffers (VEBS) at controlling odor dispersion
    The use of geomorphological and pedological soil characteristics to assess planar borrowing at a Mandan Indian village, North Dakota
    Use of slow-release N fertilizer to control nitrogen losses due to spatial and climatic differences in soil moisture conditions and drainage in claypan soils
    Using enstrophy-based diagnostics to examine the dynamic stability characteristics of anticyclones
    Using the monthly classification of global SSTs and 500 HPA height to predict temperature and precipitation regimes one to two season in advance for the Mid-Mississippi Region
    Utilization of managed subsurface drainage to increase corn and forage yields and reduce nitrogen loss in poorly-drained, upland and bottomland soils
    The Variability in Atlantic Ocean Basin Hurricane Occurrence and Intensity as related to ENSO and the North Pacific Oscillation
    Variability of soil hydraulic properties and estimation of plant-available water on claypan-soil landscapes
    The verification of weather forecasts compared to numerical model guidance, climatology, human forecasts and seasonal variations
    The verification of weather forecasts, numerical modeling, climatology, and variations in enso cycles in forecast accuracy
    Water infiltration and soil water content in claypan soils influenced by agroforestry and grass buffers compared to row crop management
    The Wintertime Southern Hemisphere Split Jet: Structure, Variability, and Evolution