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    Urea fertilizer placement effects on soil greenhouse gas emissions and corn growth [1]
    Use of different sources and rates of foliar potassium with glyphosate to overcome environmental- and management-induced K deficiency in soybeans [1]
    The use of dispersion modeling to determine the feasibility of vegetative environmental buffers (VEBS) at controlling odor dispersion [1]
    The use of geomorphological and pedological soil characteristics to assess planar borrowing at a Mandan Indian village, North Dakota [1]
    Use of slow-release N fertilizer to control nitrogen losses due to spatial and climatic differences in soil moisture conditions and drainage in claypan soils [1]
    Using enstrophy-based diagnostics to examine the dynamic stability characteristics of anticyclones [1]
    Using the monthly classification of global SSTs and 500 HPA height to predict temperature and precipitation regimes one to two season in advance for the Mid-Mississippi Region [1]
    Utilization of managed subsurface drainage to increase corn and forage yields and reduce nitrogen loss in poorly-drained, upland and bottomland soils [1]
    The Variability in Atlantic Ocean Basin Hurricane Occurrence and Intensity as related to ENSO and the North Pacific Oscillation [1]
    Variability of soil hydraulic properties and estimation of plant-available water on claypan-soil landscapes [1]
    The verification of weather forecasts compared to numerical model guidance, climatology, human forecasts and seasonal variations [1]
    The verification of weather forecasts, numerical modeling, climatology, and variations in enso cycles in forecast accuracy [1]
    Water infiltration and soil water content in claypan soils influenced by agroforestry and grass buffers compared to row crop management [1]
    The Wintertime Southern Hemisphere Split Jet: Structure, Variability, and Evolution [1]